Data on thousands of P clones for you

data on thousands of clones, let you IP

six – stupid essay data clone, let you on thousands of IP

because the network speed is slow, so published repeated, send an old article I wrote

see the title, you may ask what is data cloning, in fact, data cloning is the blog moving

is a blog data clone to a blog on another

from the various BSP, Baidu space, Sohu blog, 163, Sina and other stations, in order to grab users and launched a key function

, such as Baidu

After the

163 application, you can clone and copy other websites without restriction, so you can create a huge database and leave your connection after those celebrity blogs,

will get a good ranking from the search engine, from which to bring huge traffic

, let me give you an example of how to operate

1. Apply for a Baidu space – Baidu mobile service – you can move three times (move those you think is better blog data more) move over

if you produce a W of data, then you can estimate 1000IP in three days. This is a very conservative

2. Using 163 unrestricted copy of other people’s blog copy data, resulting in a huge database, followed by the data cloned into the henxun blog to

because henxun blogs are static, web search engines like

repeat 1-2 different types of stations, you will soon get huge traffic

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