Liu Bei and nternet entrepreneurs are similar

night history, and found that Comrade Liu Bei’s entrepreneurial experience and today’s Internet industry entrepreneurs have many similarities:

1, fry concept.

Liu Bei is the originator of the concept of marketing, the concept of speculation is the players, he in the early days, the focus of efforts of speculation two concepts, one is "after" claimed to be the Zhongshan Jing Wang, is a "Guangfu Han dynasty". This is the first speculation themselves, and the second is to hype their own projects. These two concepts have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Over the past one thousand years, until today, many entrepreneurs do, with the concept of marketing, the Internet industry entrepreneurs especially.

whether Liu Bei, or today’s entrepreneurs, or that other people want to be famous like crazy, and started the best way to well-known natural than borrow celebrity banner, but the best is related to areas of celebrity. For example, to rebel, of course, is the emperor’s flag. For example, to do the Internet, of course, is the best in the United States NB school graduation, NB company did. Fry the concept, fry to this piece, enough.

at this time, the concept of true and false, it is unimportant. Moreover, Liu Xingliang believes that false concept is better than no concept, especially in the flicker stage of entrepreneurship.

2 draws several partners.

what is the most important thing when you start a business? Second to none is the team. The most important team, of course, is a partner. Can the project be done and the start-up phase depends entirely on partners?.

Liu Bei knows this. He spent a few minutes, then fooled Zhang Fei, so that "quite home funded" Zhang Fei vowed to sell his family property, with him playing the world, and immediately put into action. When drinking, in a few minutes to get Guan Yu, let the murderer wanted by the government to labor shares, and sincerely with him on foot, and then successfully formed a group of three venture partners.

3, angel investment.

advanced entrepreneurs never spend their money, angel investors are spent, especially in the Internet industry.

so is Liu Bei. He has three angel investors: Zhang Fei, Zhang Shiping and sue. "Some family owned" Zhang Fei to kill a cow with wine, buy weapons, poly Xiang in the warriors, have more than 300 people. Zhongshan’s Zhang Shiping and Sue double horse horse fifty investment in both hands, and gifts of gold and silver five hundred and twenty, one thousand pounds of steel.

4, find an excellent CEO.

entrepreneurs, even better, management companies are not as good as professional managers. This time, smart entrepreneurs will hire great professional managers to do CEO. Or do their own CEO, so that professional managers to become president, management of specific matters.

Liu Bei is such an excellent entrepreneur, Zhu Geliang is such an excellent professional managers. Chen Tianqiao is such an excellent entrepreneur, too

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