Follow suit is a network of entrepreneurs taboo

network business is indeed a lot of friends, very clear network business prospects, there is a golden hill like front, looks very close, want to reach out and grasp, can also grasp how, some people have gone to the Jinshan foot, we only envy, the funny thing is, I only want a as a result, while ignoring the others. To get to the middle to Jinshan, I did not think of, tramp over mountains and through ravines, just hear and see a bit of experience and methods of others, did not think twice, blindly follow the trend, so we left only self hold self hatred and envy us.

just started the network, I like the others, there is no master, no experience, no more capital from business. People say the Internet can be copied, I will try to touch the method very much, Sok piep, in fact, is other things other people, we can only learn from, not difficult to live in the network innovation way. " follow " is a network of entrepreneurs is a taboo, network resources in the world, everyone’s success is to pay a thousand times return, the way they are hard, we never imagined, but do not see, only know that he is successful, the monthly income of tens of thousands of.

many of my friends are struggling to find the network business or project, in fact very much of the resources around Chinese, there’s an old saying: "A bystander is always clear-minded., howl". The network is often the most successful people will use resources, one thing is for sure, we can not copy the methods of other people, but can learn from others, by drawing out the new creative ideas, unremittingly execution, no success can only say they have no confidence. Learning to integrate resources, to learn the wise choice, to do the network is a persistent process.

for example: intelligent, can be said to be a very considerable resources, with many people, but there are 80% people did not earn money; a free open source program is a very simple procedure, very popular Internet entrepreneurs of all ages, there are also 90% people have profit compared with the open source intelligence establishment, integrity program, intelligent website easier to earn money. SEO optimization is now in full swing, a lot of people spend money to learn it, just listen to others say, learn SEO, 100% make money. Imagine the world free lunch? Have to admit that no one industry can make a lot of money, the key if you do, have a good plan, Ma said: the elephant is very difficult to get ants, just hide well, plus the strategy and plan of good, is sure to succeed.

The success of the

network is a process of resource integration, with intelligent and SEO, only the intelligent website or SEO, may have only 10% chances to make money, if the intelligent combined with SEO, the chances of success will reach 60%, if you have good products, again to intelligent and SEO with your success rate will reach 90%,%10 is your confidence and execution. The successful man is the wisest, but the loser is none the better

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