n 2008 Baidu didn’t make money by bidding

didn’t make money by Baidu in 2008: bid

Chapter 1 what is network bidding marketing

in the course of the network bidding marketing concept is my personal understanding of the concept, is my actual operation in the process of experience and summary. In short, that is, through the network to buy or create traffic to sell their products, this is to do and Taobao’s business is not the same, this is a proactive marketing process. Just said that the use of purchasing traffic or create traffic, in fact, simply say that is to advertise themselves, but this advertising model is completed on the network. Now the network is developing very fast, increasing the number of Internet users every day. Advertising on the Internet, because current technology makes target customers very accurate (keyword matching), and thus low cost. For example, Baidu keyword promotion, etc. are very accurate, each click 3 cents.

The basic reason for

network bidding marketing profiteering is because of asymmetric information. One is the asymmetry of product cognitive information, and the understanding of products is accomplished only through a single advertising page (Multimedia). You can increase the attractiveness of your product to increase your attractiveness and increase your sales to make a big profit. On the other hand, the asymmetry between the price and the value of the product, which should be said to be essential. Because the other party does not know how much your product costs, but the product in the minds of consumers have high value, so you can do a very high price for sale, resulting in huge profits.

why does the second chapter bid for success?

recommended network bidding marketing is the past two years to develop very quickly, and achieved a very successful new marketing model. Shortly after the advent of the Internet, the Internet based marketing campaign continued to explore, and achieved great success in the last two years. The main reasons for success are:

1, the number of Internet users continues to increase, everyone’s recognition of the Internet, the trust level of Internet transactions continue to improve. According to the latest statistics, China has 172 million Internet users, all over the country, is expected by 2010, China’s Internet users will reach 200 million. Although network cheating happens frequently, generally speaking, the credibility of online transactions is getting higher and higher and more and more standardized.

2, the network from the role of a single media continues to infiltrate the financial sector, online payment platform, personal online banking development is very rapid, for online transactions to provide a great convenience.

3, the logistics industry has developed rapidly and gradually mature. The rapid development of the logistics industry to provide a convenient trading places of various types of receivables, reducing the risk of consumers for online transactions, improve the online behavior of credibility, greatly improves the network auction marketing turnover and profits.

4, the size of each alliance threshold is getting lower and lower, individuals, small and medium-sized companies so that more people have the opportunity to try online bidding marketing.


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