Rookie new station sentiment

July 20, 2008 in Longxi 360 for 50MB (free space, money and not fast enough to buy the domain name (CN); domain name is a piece of money is cheap enough); friends to send a small program (enough to benefit), hey hey… The whole program is less than 10MB, sparrow may be small, the function is good, can be generated static pages, the management is convenient. OK, the new station can operate, the cost of one yuan, ha ha, playing their own small abacus.

The next step is to promote

, two days after the koala net is established and the dmdigo blog, the relevant content of the post dmdigo (my test: the search engine will be quickly included in the koala network, Tianya, CSDN, cnzz or blog forum post), once wrote a blog post in the Admin5 space, 2 hours is Baidu received.

station fifth days Google included my station, the related information 11, but Baidu has not moved. Tenth days Baidu fifteenth days. Still…, I am anxious, began to study is not his own station set up what the problem is, I finally determined the keyword density is too large, a cut, hey!!! Heartache ah, I summed up the day was a little bit of their deletion, no way, again Upload. The twentieth day, seven in the morning to open the computer, Baidu, Kao, for 20 days and finally be included!! the last month this busy station, IP rose to more than 400, I felt in advance when the father’s taste, a small business with a child support is almost ah….

friendly is relative, we are friendly to search engine, will get search engine favour. New sites should not blindly propaganda, not to SEO and seo. Excessive optimization may please Google, but it is likely to be punished by Baidu.

is a little soft, just BB so much. I hope I can help some new people like me. This address is

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