Qualifications for a qualified network

has been worrying about finding a good network recently. In large and small recruitment meeting, there are many units in the recruitment network for this post. I have also participated in the recruitment of network books many times. Network weaving, this seemingly no special technical content of the job, it is really not easy to recruit. Mentioned earlier, web site operators have to rely on network support, for a wide variety of "threshold", then a qualified network should have what conditions?

1, speed

there is no doubt that this society now is no longer the fish age, but quick fish! The Internet than other traditional media advantage is mainly reflected in the speed and interaction. You have seen most of the recruitment, in the net of this post, no one reads the concept of "speed".

take a few days ago in terms of earthquakes, I started the search keywords, "Shanxi earthquake" and "Taiyuan earthquake", but found the "Sichuan earthquake."". In Baidu, Google news search "Sichuan earthquake" found the first time the release of information is a site in Hunan, the vast amounts of information to appear after ten minutes! (here not to mention Baidu’s news crawl rate is really better than Google to slow) because of the earthquake in Shanxi belongs to the induction area, so before it did not dare to grab this information, then come back again, has been. I believe that this report alone, although simple to a few words, will also bring a lot of traffic revenue.

2, observation found ability

as a good network editor, must have keen observation ability, good observation, will find. Just like an apple kettle and boiling water, it was only for thousands of years that Newton and watts noticed that it was because they were observant that they were able to accomplish something. And network staff, is not it should also carefully observe the surrounding situation, and found what people are concerned about it,


3, reading and writing ability

writing skills are more demanding when recruiting, but there seems to be no particular requirement for reading. But personally, I think it’s true that reading skills are important, and writing skills are just as good. Because the network staff must filter out valuable information from the vast amount of information, like shalitaojin! Wantall send you a word: no accumulation which has a qualitative leap! When I browse the Internet, often find the same information a website appeared in several times and these should be! Is reading is not wide enough and cause! If you read enough information, plus enough to understand their own website, would not have made such a mistake!

4, logical thinking ability

as a web editor, it is unavoidable that "write" something, "make up" something. How to write, how to weave? Write the words of illogical and ungrammatical, do not do "

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