People in the network look how can use nternet marketing to make profit

has been a lot of friends ask me such a question when chatting with me, "how do you make use of network marketing to make money" or "can I see your websites’, oh, for this problem, I answered in each period, each time the answer is not the same, such as in 2004 the construction site, to optimize the site in 2008, to today’s network marketing, the profit pattern of each period are not the same, although there are still profitable way, but on the inside of my turnover accounted for the proportion decreased, today to tell you how I use the network marketing profit the.

now some friends are very slim, feel network marketing is true and unreal, true because he is around us, unreal because really do not know how to use it to make money and make money. At present, the technology will certainly make a lot of RMB, a good mind, you may earn some RMB, technology and brains are good, in order to make more rmb. So my network profit way from 04 years to date, gradually from simple technology type to marketing type, I also from the technical type of webmaster into marketing type adsense. The key lies in the marketing network marketing, at present only a small part of the truth and he knows to do of course, income is considerable, because people less high profits, after much profit is feeble.

here to share with you how, like me, the profit from technology to marketing, increase revenue. To ask you a question, what phase are you doing now, from the technical support stage or the marketing support phase?. If you now provide service for others is the construction site, SEO, web design, then you will exist in technical support stage, profitable way is technical service fee from the customer, here is the worth, the customer is with your technical service to make money, you must pay the cost of this is bought, you can agree with me please. You may realize that, if you do not let him buy, can you, of course.

again, how can you move profits from technical support to marketing support?. We sort out the whole process of service, 1, customers find you; 2, you provide customers with technical support services; 3, customers through your service to obtain value. Our earnings are in the second stage. Now let me come up with a bold vision. Can you transfer our earnings from the second stage to the third stage, that is, you provide technical support, and then you can earn your income through your own technical support. Maybe some of the more intelligent friends know how to do it. Now I’ve told you, my way of making profits, and that’s what I’m making for it. Of course, this method is suitable for network marketing, mature technology, friends, then for immature friends how to do it, then analyze.

how can you make money online marketing if you don’t know the Internet marketing techniques and means, or are you still a newbie?. You go to provide skills for others

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