The pros and cons of a product manager talk do not let the bad experience become the new user pain p

Abstract: when a user buys your product / software, they actually buy a solution to their pain point. If you use your product, the original pain point is resolved, but the bad use of experience has become their new pain point, the user’s escape is too far away.

the time flies, suddenly found himself suddenly Time flies like a shuttle., will debut at the beginning of nearly ten years. Looking back on the role that I had played before, it was very complicated. He has worked as an interpreter, a test, development, test manager, project manager, product manager, and even sales, hiking, and visiting potential customers. Here I think the most let myself that some gains and losses when the product manager. So here is going to write down and share with colleagues.

, in fact, the role of product manager, I think it should be put in quotation marks. Because the real run market, go flying around the world, to tap the demand is a German colleague over there, but the development team here in Zhuhai, and I just English communication ability is OK, so they sent me to the so-called "product manager" role.

so, if we encapsulate the concept of "customer" into an abstract, we can also say that the colleague in Germany is actually our customer. So, in fact, the concept of product manager is more extensive. You can be a product manager product type, the birth of a product idea to the final realization of the market reach the hands of customers, you must take control of the whole process; you can also be a product manager for the market type, has been selling products, explore the market demand, and then turn to the development team to continue the iteration and so on.

technology debt

A special

this may be when I do this "product manager", most of my time to spend time in our products backlog and sprint each backlog above, continue with Germany there needs discussion, stop and the team needs further refinement, tension the function of the people to prioritize and various discussions, and then put into the corresponding sprint backlog to

in the beginning of the one or two sprint, in fact, the overall situation is also good, burn out the figure is not too ugly. But then the curve began to get higher and higher, far out of the ideal curve. Eventually had to be adjusted from the original 7 sprint to 10 sprint.

later made a careful reflection of the problem, and I think there are several reasons for it. But the most important thing is that there is no timely way to clean up the technical debt.

actually, this looks simple. Basically, those who run through agile development know the damage that technology debt brings to the project. >

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