Seoke would you please be modest and SEO is nonsense

what do you say? Simply say.

first of all, I have no hatred against you, that is, you are not pleasing to the eye.

your key word can be straight ahead, it’s all luck. Your keyword row is in front because the previous stations are all K lights. Your keywords won’t last long. Potato nets related keywords from July began to change greatly, row front also can’t explain what. Potato nets related keywords in recent months, K out of the station can not count. You might be the next one.

row in front of the line in front of, and now even charge training, just want to be crazy money, unreasonable! It is disgusting. Although you are in front of the line, but your station is only 20 thousand IP, less poor.

a lot of real expert a word can Laijiwanshijiwanjishiwan IP, those figures are not said opening training fees.

don’t mention the so-called SEO technology, not what the so-called SEO technology in the world! All rely on SEO to eat the guy to scold me! Really understand SEO are busy counting the money, which have a great clamor SEO out every day? The whole training? With the training project as the SB cheat money online SB. The so-called SEOER people, come to scold me, ha ha, since I think the cattle forced you reply scold me, by the way your optimization achievements say, Baidu a day to bring you tens of thousands of IP


now I see the disgusting thing about seo. Not just for that seoke. You say I’m not qualified to say you? Tudou, I’m on the first page too. Tudou, movie, Tudou, TV series are first page first. The traffic is 80 thousand in a day, and the highest is 110 thousand IP, that’s all. I don’t understand SEO, just luck. He’s up on his own.

last time, what the SEO technology is nonsense, the content is! SEO is only auxiliary, just let you on a little more search engine friendly, like you led the wife to the registration of marriage, I send you a box of TT. You can’t buy a box of TT, someone will give you a wife,

the most annoying, this kind of membership training, really speak a little bit of technology, but cheating is too hateful,


welcome everyone to reply, please try to be civilized, thank you.

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