The importance of profit making model of website making money

himself has been working in the Internet for three years, saying it is long and short. Over the past few years, are engaged in the legal website, but many industry websites operating mode can be interlinked. Well, let’s talk about some of these years of experience.

traditional channels are characterized by capital flow and logistics management and control, as long as these two aspects of control, can become a good channel enterprise. But in the face of the Internet, these two points are not very important. Remember, the new Internet business director Li Hui said, "compared with the traditional industry, the network is a civilian industry, there are many new content, the rules of the game are not the same."."

so, if you want a website to make money, you have to think of a profit model before you build it. Like the Pacific Automotive Network is how to make money? Is the main selling advertising position to profit; the Taobao and Alibaba that mainly by merchants settled in money; looking for French is mainly to the lawyer advertising to profit. In fact, as long as a little bit of understanding, you will know that these sites in the establishment of a general direction of operations, profit models have been established.

therefore, when you build a website, you must first determine the profit model. Not to say, first built, before deciding the site’s way of operation, revenue sources. In this way, it is very easy to shake, but also not conducive to development. Take the legal profession that I am familiar with. If you start looking for French do business lawyers to advertise lawyers to determine the profit model, then it should be done like a portal to find French, more conducive to development; but if the goal is to consult a lawyer of the parties, then you can make a little long designed website, then maybe not consulting free, is paid consulting this may be more to ensure that the source, currently in the legal profession have not found the operation well paid consulting website.

in a word, the profit model of the website determines the framework and function of the website and so on. So, if you want the website to develop well, you must make sure of the basic.

If the

website profit model is not clear not clear state, it is equivalent to completely rely on luck to bet a board he had not at the end of the brand. Maybe win, maybe lose, everything is impossible. But if you’re planning how you can make your website profitable, then you’ll definitely make money after you’ve been able to focus on good websites. According to the revenue plan to persist, advancing are found not suitable for the change, then the odds not much


for the current web site, more and more people, some people see others get a website to make money, blindly follow, no plan, so not only did not make money, but also wasted a lot of time and energy. If you really want to run a website well, you have to have a general plan and establish what mode your website is going to use

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