What is the ultimate mode of consumption pursued under WEB

with the rise of the Internet, online shopping, online meal ordering, etc., is not a dream, but the existing pattern is the ultimate mode of Internet e-commerce? Very influential momentum, let us once again deep in thought, what kind of model will give users the most affordable price, the development of enterprises can also get better? From B2B, B2C, C2C and so on these terms, that this pattern is not immutable and frozen, but with the development of society, people’s awareness of the improvement in cognitive condition, a new view of things, the new requirements, this requirement is reflected in a network boom, and network bubble, from the group purchase website starting to decline after the transformation, how long? Everybody is obvious to people, understanding of the corporate and the public understanding of the group purchase All into a stalemate, buy must be the cheapest, the group must have a discount, this discount is not only the price, there is quality, and so on. I think it is not blatant attack group purchase, the absolute identity is wrong, this is the product of a certain form of group purchase online shopping during the transitional period, there must be a better model to explore the business enterprise in front of us.

blind imitation, the original copy is completely dogmatic reflect, to be realistic, Chinese culture and Chinese culture of outsiders is different, this is also reflected in the behavior of the network to do again and again in imitation, copy Chinese failure? A can look, look at the the economic environment at home and abroad of the Internet, people’s consumption habits and behavior, again and again, why do some web portals, has been strong in foreign countries? But it is another scene? It seems every time the domestic Internet boom, is not really a boom, but a large number of capital operation the purpose of this boom boom, want to copy foreign things to boost, allowing users to form a habit, let users have to rely on the. There are some of these effects. But what has been abandoned by the user, the trendy things, has never been a very short life cycle. I think these questions are worthy of our industry investors warning, so enterprises must have a long-term vision and goals, to advance the vision and thinking of ten years and twenty years, capital operation, a lot of the cost of advertising investment, only Shiniu into the sea, no bull funds is emerging, in order to make a profit, this is the capital operation the purpose is to play it without true sense. Then the Internet era, people pursue the ultimate mode of consumption is what? The following content is within the scope of personal perception of personal views, there is no place, I hope you criticize, correct, add, thank you!


1: reputation

reputation is the biggest problem, the integrity of the problem is absolute, but also relative. But in the construction of national Internet enterprises, should be sure to say that enterprises should be absolute integrity, your users should talk about your employees to talk about, as good as the hearts of people. Business is crafty outdated, by fraud means a proud, you will be left > million

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