Website design analysis nternational QQ new version of the official website project summary



project background:

international QQ official website is to promote the international QQ brand of the main site, download the important entrance of international QQ. The old version of the international QQ website is more biased in favor of a portal site, focusing on the provision of related news and information, interactive community, group recommendation and other basic services, and for the function of the product itself, brand promotion and download service provides less layout. Although the website provides social services to better improve the product activity, but because there is a big difference between user groups and QQ international QQ user group, a large part of the international QQ users are not using QQ, even for the product itself is not very familiar with the function. The new international QQ official website’s main goal is to promote and promote international QQ brand based, appropriate to join the appropriate amount of social services. Reduce the site’s late operating pressure, strengthen brand style, and the old version of the website’s overall visual style has been relatively outdated. In this context, it is necessary for the international QQ official website to carry out a major revision.

web site structure and content tuning:

The old version of the official website of

operating out of consideration, adding a lot of links to third party websites and news messages and so on, leading to the international QQ website is no good to the product itself, but also to the operation of information is relatively small international version of the team brought no small pressure. According to this question, we have the following adjustments for the new framework:

Tab "according to the contents of re classification, the new version of Tab is divided into Download, Feature, Explore, Help several categories, remove the Events, Lifestyle, Web directory and other operation layout, only part of the third party service in a Explore.


module of the overall page layout and content, promote the responsive web design, can make better browsing the international version of the official website of all equipment and environment under different one-stop seamless experience for mobile terminal and PC terminal.

website design location:

new version of the official website will be re positioning of the site, more users understand what is the international QQ, more convenient to find the download entrance, thus conveying the international QQ quality. Second, there will be a lot of changes in the direction of the design. Before the old version of the official website too tool, this revision will add more emotional elements, through emotional design to better convey the theme of our product.

interactive & visual design:

interactive design:

interactive design, this time the main difficulty is the website structure adjustment brings page layout design, and the home page is difficult. In addition to the first page to show 6 functional points, but also to show some of the E>

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