Share the National Day web background keyword to build 1000P experience

SEO has been a hot topic in the webmaster discussion, this site is down right, tomorrow ranking and rise, in stationmaster pregnant in the process of study SEO with sorrow. The 60th anniversary great motherland National Day SEO master who are also Gexianshentong, respectively The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, took out a SEO exclusive skills, earn a lot of traffic and popularity. Following the old webmaster xrnic share, use the "National Day web background" popular keywords quickly bring daily flow up 1000IP experience.

National Day approaching, everyone may have seen a lot of sites have changed the festive National Day web background. This not only beautify the web interface, but also express the love for the motherland. Many webmaster see others website plus the background are quite envy, want to own site also put on the national background and suffer not write code, not the design of the background image, but through Google, Baidu search on the net "National Day" background ", in China like this do not understand the design of owners do not understand the code the preliminary estimate of less than 100 thousand. Master xrnic a good grasp of this opportunity, early in the early September on the site was put on the key words.

, Google, and Baidu have now changed algorithms, no longer paying attention to keyword and describing content, and keyword optimization as much as possible into titles, title, and web content. If 100 thousand people search for this keyword, there are one percent hits your website, you can easily 1000IP IP a day. Adsense xrnic is a combination of title + content settings keywords optimization, easy Google "National Day web background" keywords do first, every day from the GOOGLE search this keyword flow to no less than 800IP. If the "National Day" background "keywords do the first, others in search related keywords such as: National Day 60th anniversary" background, you are at the top, search and other related keywords, the day is very easy to 1000IP.

through the above example, webmaster do SEO optimization to seize the future prophetic vision, popular words or topics, ahead of 10 days and a half months to do related keywords to do optimization, according to the new algorithm of search engine optimization to optimize the set of keywords, as long as you will be one of the main keywords to the top, then other related keywords can also bring considerable traffic and ranking. This year the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival in a block, we should grasp the national day and Mid Autumn Festival of the two words do optimization, webmaster wish everyone can get a lot of money flows from, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Happy Nation Day


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