Taobao decoration improve conversion rate data analysis

last night I saw in the Taobao forum posts is that Taobao data, this post attracted my attention, spent a night time to study these data, we found that the Xiamen Taobao decoration company, excellent public network has been a renovation experience like this, many enterprises do not pay much attention to these neglected the importance of customer decoration for what? We do this for Taobao decoration company must know. What is a qualified store decoration, but also how to judge its conformity degree, this is a very good article that art students look carefully the following by Xiamen for some excellent public network analysis we suggest

to Taobao for art decoration

baby is visited rank:

1. average visit time, directly reflects the effect of online decoration

2. pages average access time is short, indicating that the decoration is unattractive, need optimization program and page art

3. is more than normal jump loss rate is about 60%, we must strive for close to 50%, if greater than 80%, indicating that baby description is relatively failed




home access data:

1. home shop decoration, equivalent to the physical store display of goods

2. home page design visual guidance, directly related to whether the customer is willing to click and browse, the general click rate of around 100% is normal. Here we Xiamen Taobao decoration design team and public network analysis of the 100% data, saying is that each visit our shop staff will form a shape in the store to click, if a visitor just get what is not attractive enough points home.

3. home page is the most important to let buyers click into the details page, resulting in purchasing behavior, so the home stay time should not be too long, 100 seconds for normal



focus on the details of the design, the following figure shows that good design can improve the whole page hits, as can be seen from the figure of the good design store more than 150% hits, but the general is not very qualified for the


and one more thing, on the home page, we want to keep the jump rate below 50% for the best


category page visited


1. category page is ranked straight

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