Remember unexpected circumstances often have data backups

we often hear that "the weather is unpredictable," and some things happen without warning, and suddenly you are caught unprepared. For example, I wrote an article yesterday, ready to release today, only on the computer, did not save to the U disk. As a result, the computer went on strike today and could not start. I am waiting for the article published, can only stay in that can not open the computer hard drive, and I have to re write the article, but helpless.

a lot of similar things, I believe many webmaster have encountered this problem. Some time ago "primitive man" event, because the incident suddenly, many webmaster website data are not backed up, after the event, many people can’t get back the data, lamented no door, had to come back. I’m sorry, but there’s no remedy. Who let you, there was no more than the heart, and do a backup,


is not afraid, afraid of the event, no matter what time we should hold back. Especially the webmaster, do site, data is critical, if the carelessness, will have to bear very serious consequences. In order to avoid consequences, should check erroneous ideas at the outset, nip in the bud of


1 do backup work in time.

many people do not have the consciousness of backup, this is very bad. Conscientiously collate the data, and hard work one by one out of the text, if because of carelessness and lost, it is very painful and regrettable. Even rearranging, but also can not go back to the past. Then only empty mournful


develop the habit of timely backup. Site data is important, since it is important to always backup, after each update, develop a habit of updating backups. Habits are formed, good habits need self supervision. The webmaster should update the backup after every update to the website and get used to it. Warren Buffett once said, don’t put all your egg in one basket, as well as the website data, backup at any time, do not put in a same space.

develop the habit of keeping documents in good time. People who regularly use word documents do not know whether to do "CTRL +S" or not, and I often do this. Every time after a paragraph of text, must be saved, worried that the computer suddenly crashed or power failure. It is necessary to cultivate habits and habits from minor matters. Although the office software has been updated and added the automatic save function, it is more reassuring to do the manual link. After all, it’s not fun to play a new paragraph.

don’t trust the Internet too much. Sometimes writing a blog, write emails occasionally encountered "problems, or failed to send, or submit is not successful, so many articles are so lost, but very! So, suggest that you must not believe too much compared to the computer network, notepad and documents, web pages or more unreliable. For example, some webmaster in the webmaster network background contribution, directly to the article original cast

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