nnovation Nanshan 2015 venture Star Contest Awards ceremony ended

domestic business environment is improving, many entrepreneurs aimed at Shenzhen, which is a as long as the ability, is full of unlimited prospects for development of the city. In Shenzhen, on average, every 26 people have a start-up company.

13 evening, Shenzhen innovation Nanshan 2015 venture Star Contest Awards ceremony was held in the Nanshan hall, dozens of square composed of more than a thousand people participate in the event, witnessed the birth of a new "venture star". Shenzhen City Kyrgyzstan Network Technology Co. Ltd. and high-end reverse osmosis desalination membrane and multifunctional membrane industrialization "and" high throughput liquid biochip detection system "won the championship final of the year growth of enterprise group, the start-up team group, innovation group.

eight years, venture Star Contest has become a propaganda Nanshan entrepreneurial environment window, government science and technology service of the starting point, the integration and innovation of resources platform; it is an effective way of capital projects and extensive docking, entrepreneurs start off the stage.

from the quantity, project quality, competition since the beginning of 2008, the 243 projects from the first to the 2130, in 2015 the project participants, the number of entries made nearly 10 times across. At the same time, the entry of foreign projects from the initial 5 to the current development of the 3 recommended

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