How to start from scratch must have the quality

how to start from scratch must have the quality of the value of $1 billion or more of the 497 super rich, there are actually starting from scratch in 237! As to how to become rich, academia has summed up the five secret:

know how to carry forward the great ideas

rich people are not necessarily a great idea of the inventor or inventor, but it is able to carry forward the great ideas of the people. Decoration shop. For example, this year the world’s richest man Bill. Gates, though it is made by computer operating system DOS, but he was not the inventor of the system, the real "DOS" father very early in a bar brawl killed, at the age of only 54 years old.

usually has a thick skin to exercise

‘s behavior is different from ordinary people, often made in violation of social norms, makes others jealous. Sam, founder of WAL-MART, the largest retailer in the United States, often upset the market price of. Naming skills. Once caught the opportunity, he would wait for an opportunity to bargain to the supplier. So suppliers know that it’s not easy to do business with WAL-MART. Therefore, if you want to be a gentleman, it is best to dispel Regal dream.

hold assets

to wealth for a long time, it is necessary to have sufficient force to resist the temptation of short-term interests, embrace the core assets. Microsoft’s Bill, who won the world’s richest list for many years, benefited from his ability to resist the temptation to give up most of Microsoft’s stake in.

has a unique vision to pick up cheap goods

for the rich people, picking up cheap goods is not considered in the whole society is very cheap to buy. They believe that once the current price of an asset is below its "potential value", it is the best time to intervene. Toy shop.

calmly face the investment risk of

Not necessarily the truth to make money, but the rich

investment, there must be a way to make their investment through the ebb tide. Experts found that most of the rich are playing cards. Most of them have a regular life and work, marriage is stable and happy. Aspiring to become rich people, might as well to their attitude towards life.

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