To make a list of nternet entrepreneurs

Internet has formed a close relationship with people’s lives, and entrepreneurs become the best position to gather wealth. 2015 years, the market appeared a large number of Internet entrepreneurs, they are struggling to their cause. Below, a list of the Internet entrepreneurs, reading can learn from more entrepreneurial wisdom.

"lean enterprise": Entrepreneurial Management in the field of heavy work, it definitely has the potential to withstand the test of time, become the business management of classic books.

"entrepreneurship": the integration of lean lean startup method, customer development, business model canvas and agile / continuous integration of the essence of entrepreneurship on lean method.

"entrepreneurs", "the innovator’s dilemma", "the innovator’s answer" gene: very good business trilogy, classic, evergreen enterprises essential ideas.

"Zhou Hongyi readme: my Internet methodology:" in the book, Zhou Hongyi spoke about his first Internet concept, product concept and management thinking, to clarify the essential characteristics and the new trend of the Internet era of Internet products, lists the practice and application of disruptive innovation in the reality. At the same time, for the current transformation of traditional enterprise Internet anxiety, but also put forward a set of system solutions.

"sense of participation": as millet co-founder Liwan Jiang, sincere and interesting to tell you the millet company entrepreneurship over the past few years the inside story, from the company to product development, from product design to brand building, from daily operations to marketing, from the service concept to the corporate philosophy and so on, clear the tunnel the logical necessity, and the original "sense of participation 33 rule" emerge in its totality.

"influence: word of mouth combat edition": this book is not only to provide the marketing strategies and methods, but also puts forward a new concept of business.

"positioning": in today’s increasingly competitive, "positioning" reveals the nature of modern business (for customers), the winning tips (for the enterprise to win the battle of the mind).

"free": the interpretation of the principle of "free economy" behind, creating a new business on behalf of the future of the business model, provides important guidance for enterprises to achieve rapid development based on zero cost, zero fee.

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