nvestment in fashion jewelry shop at the beginning of a good choice

women’s consumer market has always been the most promising market for entrepreneurs, because women are willing to spend a lot of time and money on their own, so that they become the focus. Fashion women’s jewelry store, the market is broad, unlimited prospects.

grab market depends on the "woman" and "female consumer groups against the project is the largest market temptation." Has been preparing to engage in a small investment in a foreign sales director miss Jing Wong very aware of this. A woman of beauty that is natural, let alone all of a sudden including jewelry, hair accessories, jewelry, etc. more than 6000 kinds of skincare, believe that will remind female customers strong consumer desire." As for the customer of this store for the sale of a 200 yuan to buy enough, she felt that would not hinder market, after all, a shopping can to beautify their feet again, it is quite cost-effective.

expressed interest in joining the many smart male citizens. Done a lot of small business Mr Wong believes that due to various types of jewelry is generally, each can only purchase dozens of pieces, and a single amount of dozens of pieces of jewelry manufacturers not to "trade price", book that ornaments vendors several times higher, species rich, resulting in vicious spiral. But for now, the scale chain operations, the purchase price is not very high, the business of natural good.

150 thousand investment gross margin 50%

Take the

the author from the Nanjing company was informed that they predicted profit of around 50%, each store every year profit of 100 thousand yuan, more than part must pay about 15% of the profits to the chain system of the company, if there is no more than 100 thousand of profits will be exempt from.

expert advice: do not ignore the tourism population


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