How to open home jewelry store

again a good location, and then a good shop decoration, but if you can not enter into the consumer satisfaction of the goods, the operation of the whole store will naturally be affected. So, if you want to open a business hot jewelry store, also need to do a good job related to the purchase. So, how to open home jewelry store?

always wanted to avoid this problem, indeed, now many people quite seriously, we just open a retail jewelry store, but many people consider myself very like a jewelry connoisseur, the following words must make many people not happy. Each pendant is whether local need accurate one to sell, is enough to attract attention, whether it is fine, wait 2 yuan mobile phone pendants can be sold for 20 yuan, talk about Korean, talk about foreign trade. As a result, no matter how good things into the store, their one hundred satisfaction, the customer ignore you.

we always speak with reality, jewelry stores or the public, we grasp the lifeblood of age, we pursue the trend, this is all right, but we all do small business, buy a necklace in your shop, just because it was love, and you don’t need to talk about the customer. The necklace is copy what money? On which star?

is not on the TAOBAO to do business, there are some stores and customers like the truth, I hope that the necklace for a few years not legs color, this is possible? I can only say that the shop is not suitable for you, you are more suitable for open shop, shop things should not fade. Take plush doll as an example of it, and then look good, and then cute, a long time, like the black, you can stop the customer touch, you can stop the dust in the air? So some things don’t try too hard, sell on the line.

get to the point, how to purchase. In fact, the purchase and positioning is related to the Department of. You shop around the location of your store environment, you determine your store location in what the goods, absolutely can not sell pen near the University, went to the nearby primary school to sell the necklace, which I believe we all understand, but blindly follow the trend, you might want to move.

jewelry shop for the first time, certainly pay attention to the whole, wide, many types, styles, less, is the best. Even if you like again, please take less, you like customers may not like. Through the first distribution, generally 1-2 months sales experience is summed up, a friend said to " the experience is in the process of doing out of the ", is the best; wholesalers that can get a replacement treatment, but it is difficult to.

in general, the jewelry store product category is nothing more than hanging department stores, headwear, jewelry, cosmetics and tools. Hanging department store nothing to say, we will have some, what wallet, mobile phone bag, mobile phone pendants, etc.. Headgear should pay attention to, with the east of the drilling is best to take less, expensive and not sell, jewelry can be more

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