am such a successful female entrepreneurs

every successful entrepreneur entrepreneurial road, are not flat. Jenny is a small nail, beauty electricity supplier business. Although the company is small, but they have just completed a larger amount of financing. The company today announced that they completed C $30 million round of financing, investors including Azure  Capital, Venture  Madrona  Group; Altimeter  Capital, Maveron and Andreessen  Horowitz.

Jenny founder and CEO  Jane  Park said that when she had just set up the company, ready for the first round of financing, she encountered a number of unfair treatment, that is gender discrimination.

Park said: "at that time, a lot of investors said to me: ‘your creativity is good, the team is also very good. But I have only one investment plan this year, and I don’t want to invest in beauty companies" Park recalls, there was a VC said to her, he will only provide funds for their love entrepreneurs, or at least to entrepreneurs in the industry are interested, so he can provide advice and help for entrepreneurs. And because the investor does not have the background of the beauty industry practitioners, he is not the industry’s consumers, so refused to provide funding for the Jenny.

Park said: these investors do not understand is that when you invest, you are not the protagonist of this investment. Investment should be the protagonist of the enterprise, as well as the experience of the enterprise. However, in this environment, the majority of investors are not familiar with the operation of a business, there will be a lot of difficulties in financing."

however for lack of experience in financing start-ups, this approach will undoubtedly make investors, start-ups struggling in search of financing. Jenny encountered the problem at the very beginning.

Park said to me: "I think we have to face this problem, the most fundamental reason is that the number of women VC too little. In other words, in the VC circle, very few people can understand us."

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