Operating dumplings need to handle what procedures

        what procedures need to handle the dumplings? Need to apply for a license to open a shop, I believe we all know, today, Xiaobian to tell you to open a dumpling shop, you need to understand one of the aspects – how to apply for the relevant procedures store


        open a dumpling shop need to apply for a self-employed business license:

        1 need to prepare a copy of the store real estate license, (rent a house is also a rental agreement)

        2 copies of ID cards, one inch photos of several.

        3 to the local industrial and commercial application form for industrial and commercial business license.

        4 to the tax office to do the tax registration certificate, and now seems to have to do industry code card, in the quality inspection bureau.

        5 to get the tax registration certificate for the invoice, the invoice application is divided into 2 kinds: first, according to the tax, the monthly turnover is whether or not a month to pay the same tax; second is according to the invoice amount of monthly pay tax at the rate of

        6 the whole process charges about $500, the time is about 15-30 days, the different

        go to the health department to do the health license

        practitioners should have health certificate

        through the operation of the dumplings you need to go through the procedures for the contents of the introduction, do you have a better understanding of it? Come on, there are more entrepreneurial ideas waiting for you.

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