Shenzhen aviation intelligent robot

with the continuous development of science and technology, in the life of a lot of new gadgets come out, the most prominent new things than the advent of robots, to bring convenience to our lives, but also brought a lot of fun. December 5th, Shenzhen airlines in the industry’s first introduction of intelligent robots posts, instead of some artificial passenger lounge in the passenger service, and the following Xiaobian together to understand.

"who is this little cute?" My name is Xiao Bao, welcome to Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Peng Peng court." The Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen passenger lounge, a stay adorable robot frequently to make passengers Hello, passengers have gathered around. After receiving the instructions from the passengers on the dance and storytelling, it also broadcast music, dance. Not only will it be funny, travelers can also act as a staff, visitors to the opportunity to answer questions.

robot naive attitude so that visitors can not help laughing, have come to interact with it. "What is the position of the Peng positioning card?" "Help remind you to board, will be issued by the sound of drops." "Do you have any luggage in the lounge?" "We’ll have a fingerprint identification luggage storage cabinet. Follow me." From Shenzhen to Xi’an, Ms. Liu, after interacting with it, surprised to say, this robot can actually speak, but also give us a dance, tell a story, it is amazing."

deep air ground service department of the staff of the Peng Peng introduced, it is just one of the introduction of deep sea can provide advice, guidance, entertainment and other interactive services for the intelligent robot, the name of the statue Peng peng". This time, Shenzhen Airlines introduced a total of 16 units, all put on the ground floor of Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Airport service.

Shenzhen aviation intelligent robot posts, so that the relevant content of the aviation to better customer service, but also save a lot of human resources. "Zunpeng Andy" arrival, breaking the original consultation normalization, the traditional travel travelers become lively and interesting; at the same time, enhance the good feelings of passengers in the interaction with passengers, will be diversified and intelligent and humanized service better into the passenger waiting experience.

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