Small porridge fairy join conditions

in Chinese food consumption market, you can not be ignored is the porridge, porridge just as it is, it seems tasteless but long-term edible can reap big benefits. Porridge has a history of thousands of years, all over the country have the habit of eating porridge, porridge market can be seen strong, is an indispensable food in people’s lives. Small porridge fairy house to lead the catering market, the realization of a bowl of porridge can revitalize a market, a bowl of porridge can also help to start a business, the myth, this is an unshakable fact.

small porridge Xian food house many products, there is nourishing health porridge, distinctive taste characteristics, fresh pastry light porridge dishes, has obvious characteristics of flavor of tea soup, hundreds of products, fully meet the diverse needs of different consumers. This feature, let the little fairy embrace include porridge breakfast, lunch and dinner, supper four gold market, wealth billows


small Xian jiamengfei porridge porridge? Small Xian joined divided into venture stores, shops and flagship stores, the investment costs from 29800 yuan, 39800 yuan and 59800 yuan, the investment cost includes technical services, brand and equipment such as gifts. Small investment, is the ideal choice for small business.

small porridge fairy join conditions:

1, with a certain investment strength and suitable operating venues; follow the rules and regulations of the management and the relevant laws and regulations.

2, with the brand first, the credibility of the first business mind and consciousness, with field strain capacity and competitive ability, and consciously safeguard the small fairy porridge brand image, brand effect may not damage the interests of consumers to borrow small congee xian.

3, a valid ID for joining procedures, so that the small investment headquarters to establish the real fairy porridge tracking service files. With 2 inch 3 photos, for filing, issued by the "authorization" and "certificate".

5, must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the full use of small porridge immortal visual image packaging. After the opening of the headquarters to provide its store color photos, store specific address, contact telephone number, operating conditions.

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