How to attract attention in Entrepreneurship

in daily life, meet for the first time to introduce myself, so it is in the business market business occasions, also introduce the rules, if you know the skills, a good first impression, then communication will be much more smoothly.



introduced in two ways: self introduction and introduce others.

introduced others there are two points to note: first, when the referee who? According to social practice, referrals generally served by the hostess. In international exchanges, the introducer is generally three kinds of people, first we call professional personnel. For example, I asked a foreign professor to give lectures to students, I have the obligation to introduce him and the school leaders, because I and his professional counterparts, I am a professional counterpart.

The use of

two on the name card use points in business contacts: first, must have a name card. In business contacts, a person without a business card will be regarded as a person who has no social status. If you don’t have a business card, you may be suspicious of your origin and motivation.

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