Returning home to raise turtles through online sales average monthly four thousand or five thousand

will be combined with the rural breeding industry and the Internet, is a very good business opportunities, in Huaiyuan, there will be a college entrepreneur to return home to start raising turtles, to achieve their dream of becoming rich entrepreneurial!

what book after graduation from the university has been in Shanghai to do a clothing business, father at home farming turtle.   in 2010, he took many years of savings of about 3000000 yuan to return home venture, took over his father’s turtle farms for many years. In order to improve the variety and quality of soft shelled turtle, he was under the guidance of the County Bureau of aquatic products, and to carry out cooperation with the relevant aquatic scientific research institutes, with three years to develop a full imitation of the wild state of the rich selenium sinensis.

This subject is his

by the provincial scientific and technological achievements, leading technology, domestic advanced level in the province. He Chuanshu is not satisfied with the small range of line sales, in 2015, he registered the brand turtle at the beginning of the "post agricultural product sales network, from October last year to now sold a total of more than 20 thousand single.

will use their knowledge, home business is a very good choice, with preferential policies, entrepreneurial success probability, the dream of people will hurry up!


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