How to do the positioning of ice cream agents

ice cream products are not the exclusive food of children, adults are also very fond of fashion ice cream products. So if you want to do ice cream agency business, you need to make a good position, identify the appropriate positioning, to be able to get a smooth development. If you are a novice, I do not know how to locate, Xiaobian compiled some information, a look at it.

age orientation: the age distribution of the main customer groups is between 12 and -35 years old, due to the different needs of each part of the population, it is still necessary to subdivide. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; people aged 25 -35 years old of good taste, strong brand of ice cream is interested.

gender positioning: due to a large proportion of female customers in the main customer base, so the taste of ice cream chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, cream, vanilla, West Point, flowers.

taste positioning: chocolate, strawberry taste is more suitable for the following 25 years of age crowd; blueberry, vanilla flavor is more suitable for people over the age of 25; cream ice cream is more suitable for mental workers.

if you want to join the agency ice cream for accurate positioning, but also need to conduct business specific understanding from the above aspects, according to the development of the local market, marketing solutions to build more competitive, in order to achieve long-term development.

ice cream agents need to carefully examine the market and look at their own, only to recognize the reality of the situation to be able to find a suitable location. Such a large audience can be small, if you want to invest, we must think clearly. If you are satisfied with these suggestions, try to do it.

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