What are the ways to make money easier to do business in rural areas

many rural people always feel that staying in the countryside is a waste of time, can not find the opportunity to make money. In fact, the countryside is equivalent to a large market, there are many gaps in employment. As long as willing to move the brain, you can also open up a broader world, here are some small investment plans to share.

mobile repair

now rural VCD, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, all have a certain number of farm machinery. But if these things are bad, often have to run a long way to the repair department to repair, for farmers friends, it is not convenient. If you do a mobile repair department, open a small dual-use goods vehicles, with some maintenance tools and parts door-to-door service, will be very popular.

village Internet cafes

Technology Bookstore

now mostly engage in diversified rural areas. Farmers are also looking for ways to get rich. Easy to understand the rich rural science and technology books can provide them with rich information and related knowledge, more and more popular with farmers friends. If you can provide some practical technical books for farmers to purchase or lease, there will be considerable income.   rural entrepreneurship network

furniture swap

City there are many people in the old furniture that looks good, to sell, to buy new furniture. These old furniture, in some villages is very popular, investors do not prevent the acquisition of the old furniture in the city to those places to sell, small investment business will be very prosperous.

camera door

send fertilizer to field

Of course, in addition to the

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