Hefei region to promote small and micro enterprise innovation four strokes

now, the country’s support for entrepreneurship and innovation, from the big policy to the frequent introduction of small policies, have released policy support for entrepreneurship. Hefei area as the response document of the State Council "on the support of the healthy development of small and micro enterprises opinions", launched the "four in one" way, Small and micro businesses to boost innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the healthy and rapid development of Small and micro businesses.

built platform. Vigorously promote the Science Research Institute of the six first collaborative innovation platform construction, real operation of flat panel display ten emerging industry research institute, built all kinds of business innovation base 148, of which the public record space 14, small entrepreneurial base 45, science and technology incubator 22, micro enterprise incubator Park, 19 business area 48, built a standard workshop of about 4000000 square meters.

reform. Promote the registered capital, business premises, after the first photo card and commercial system reform, promote the reform of the administrative system, the implementation of the power and responsibility, charges related enterprises three list "system, to streamline the administrative examination and approval, the city retains only 83, to enhance government efficiency.

four in one, focusing on entrepreneurial action, the Hefei area can provide policy support, very good environment protection for small and micro entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in the Hefei region, will benefit from the above four in one trick.

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