Wang Yi China has North Korea three bottom line can not have nuclear nuclear

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi recently in an interview with reporters, said China’s treatment of North Korea Peninsula three bottom line, in any case can not have nuclear, the Security Council should take measures to make the DPRK to bear the consequences.

: want to ask a Reuters has a direct impact on the interests of the China region. North Korea despite the international community against the nuclear test again. China expressed concern, but so far more cautious approach. How do you think the international community should deal with the current situation?

the Security Council to take strong action should be the new direction is clear, the purpose is to deter further promote nuclear missile plan. On the other hand, sanctions are not the end. Our goal is to bring the nuclear issue of the peninsula back to the final stage of the negotiations, which is the only right way. We have a close communication with the United States, Russia, Korea and other parties have agreed that sanctions are not the purpose of all parties, and ultimately should return to the track of the negotiations.

on the Korean nuclear issue, China is to uphold the objective and fair position, adhere to the realistic attitude, not what you say "cautious" problem. Our goal is to push forward the denuclearization of the peninsula, in order to achieve peace and stability on the peninsula. This is in line with the common and long-term interests of all countries, including the United States and South korea.

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