Hebei University science and Technology Park Settled venture 6

now in many city has established a number of specialized as a base for entrepreneurship and region, but also to give a lot of entrepreneurs to provide a good entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial platform, at the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurs will also venture moved to some places like this.

"high tech Zone University Science and Technology Park, to provide free office space for entrepreneurs not only in the early stage of hydropower, heating property, free of charge, but also provide theoretical knowledge and professional services, creative design services, enterprise cooperation guidance, entrepreneurship is no longer a" go it alone "." University Science Park, a responsible person said.

in University Science and Technology Park, together with North China Electric Power University, Hebei Institute of finance, Agricultural University of Hebei and other colleges and universities entrepreneurship park. A young entrepreneur who settled in North China Electric Power University Science Park, said: I started from the second year of College entrepreneurship, mainly to help enterprises do image planning and design. Initial stage, there is no formal office location, the address on the card can only write the classroom, it is unable to afford the start-up capital and the cost of entrepreneurship. Due to the lack of experience in business, cold-shoulder treatment become homely food to eat. Now, with this entrepreneurial platform, it is not the same."

in the high-tech zone of University Science and Technology Park, many colleges and universities in the entrepreneurial base of the introduction of leading enterprises, given the recommended direction of the industry positioning

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