Western restaurant business proposal

in the face of the public in the high-end western restaurant is becoming more common, popular fashion people, the development prospects worth looking forward to. If you look at the prospects for the development of the industry, then quickly learn how to shop. Xiaobian finishing a number of important steps in the hope that you have some inspiration, to learn quickly.


if you choose the main coffee, coffee will on the quality requirements are very high, whether it is coffee or grinding, selecting modulation techniques must be very professional. The target population of this store is generally white-collar workers, businessmen, academics, etc.. If it is the main western, Chinese packages, then the positioning is more extensive.


if it is joined, depending on different brands, also need to pay a one-time fee ranging from 20-40 million. In addition, the daily consumption of a variety of consumables, wages and other employees should also be included in the scope of liquidity.


if they do not have the professional knowledge and experience, it is very important to recruitment manager. For example, the training manager, must be very proficient in the process of coffee production and coffee culture. Daily management, we must attach great importance to cultivate their own specific customer base.


if it is main coffee, not only to ensure the quality, but also make a coffee culture communication messenger, let customers gradually fell in love with this thing from the bottom of my heart. In addition, the use of a number of marketing tools will also play a very good role, such as handling stored value cards, coupons and so on, special festivals, such as Valentine’s day, Christmas planning activities are also essential.

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