Notes on the location of department stores

department store products are complete, the operation is basically the needs of every household, and therefore has a good prospect, very popular with the public, of course, the premise of inexpensive. Operating a department store, the product is good, affordable, full of things, natural income favorite, but if the site is not appropriate, the business is not good. Below, the small series to introduce the location of the department store attention.

, the traditional business district.

a city has been formed, the customer has a variety of attractive retail formats of commercial areas, including the main department stores, supermarkets, franchise stores, catering and other enterprises. In the traditional business district to open a new store location, it is obvious that there is a guarantee of passenger traffic. If the traditional business district outside the shop, then it will be a long period of commercial cultivation, generally speaking, only two kinds of results, either through bitter suffering, or die.

two, convenient transportation to facilitate the smooth arrival of customers.

is a self driving vehicles can quickly arrive, and there is a parking lot, and the other is convenient bus. Therefore, it is best to choose a new shop in the traditional business district, the road is open, and there is a bus station or subway entrances and exits, so that the flow of passenger traffic, but also to promote the popularity of the new shop.

three, the density of population and purchasing power.

if the initially selected the new shop address, then the next step is to understand and research to a new location for the center, walking radius in 15 minutes (about 1.5km) and travel radius in 30 minutes (about 8-10 km) residential status.

four, the new shop along the street.


can choose to the existing values within a crossroads along the street corner, both sides can open the door, passenger flow, traffic in all directions to see a mall appearance, this is the best location; time point is at the crossroads along the side of the street; the worst is in the middle of a road along the street the customer is not easy to see, the mall overall, cause the commercial atmosphere.

inventory of the department store location considerations, we can do a reference for future development. Entrepreneurship is not easy, no matter what the investment industry is so, only really ready to work, in order to harvest wonderful life. If you want to succeed, you have to work hard. Want to know more friends, you can always pay attention to our website information.

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