Entrepreneurial success laid off 2 yuan Tomatoes on sticks earned 20 million

went to eat ice Tomatoes on sticks Chinese season, especially the people of Beijing have a special feeling for the ice is 2 yuan on the Tomatoes on sticks, a string of Bjorn Tomatoes on sticks but the achievements of a new life, entrepreneurial wealth of laid-off workers.

Tomatoes on sticks


1997, was Shandong City, Linyi city model worker Zhu was laid off. 1999, Zhu was taken to relatives in Shandong, Pingyi, passing by a piece of Hawthorn forest, see a farmer in the chopped hawthorn, a large number of previous years, Pingyi hawthorn trees, resulting in Hawthorn surplus. Because of a loss, farmers had to replant other crop trees are cut down. Zhu Chengxiang, this was a good raw material of hawthorn Tomatoes on sticks ah, to five cents a kilogram price to buy 9000 kilograms of hawthorn.

for nearly 3 months, Zhu was finally made its first nuclear free ice Tomatoes on sticks. In order to innovation, Zhu was naturally not satisfied with the current situation, once again, to see his son to eat moon cake, she suddenly had an idea: it can fill something inside Tomatoes on sticks? With the help of her husband, she gave the place filled with nuclear Tomatoes on sticks to chocolate, jam and even cooked chicken, beef and so on. She put the sandwich and take Tomatoes on sticks to the elder sister and father a taste, did not say bad




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