How to love coffee tea beverage brand

pay attention to an innovation, because new things can always attract the attention of consumers. Catering industry is the key to the successful transformation of this. Now people are more and more demanding for the taste, the drink is the same, there is no feature of the beverage is difficult to attract consumers, coffee love tea is a more distinctive drinks.

coffee falls in love with tea is Qinhuangdao Xin Sheng food management Co., Ltd. of the project, to the management of human nature and a strong brand image, excellent product quality, well received by consumers. Love coffee tea company spent 5 years, investment of 3 million 200 thousand independent research and development of quantitative exclusive tea bags, the product design is composed of precision air permeability, thin high pressure resistant nano mesh, the original small little extraction of tea into quantitative packaging, high-pressure eddy current extraction, the tea grain does not leak, can be reached the traditional Kung Fu tea "a red filter" to clear to the pure realm of Kung fu. So how does coffee fall in love with tea?

how to join coffee love tea beverage brand

coffee love tea join condition:

1, dare to innovate, have a strong sense of entrepreneurship

2, have a good business reputation, have a certain amount of capital input capacity

3, there is a certain sense of brand management, agree with coffee love tea brand concept

4, love the food and beverage industry, have the ability to expand the market, management ability

5, recognize and accept the love coffee tea distribution system constraints, integrity compliance.

6, be able to invest all costs independently, and can take some risks

coffee fell in love with tea process:

1, telephone consulting matters

2, join the application

3, signed a franchise contract

4, join the opening preparation

5, marketing activities planning

6, officially opened

7, headquarters late support

above is a simple introduction to the process of joining the coffee tea and join the conditions, if you are interested in joining the brand, you can choose to give us a message below our website.

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