12 college students to become a hundred billion small business projects recommended

at present, China’s college students continue to increase, then it will be faced with the community, there are many college students mantra is: graduation equal to unemployment. Of course, quite a lot of college students do not want to live Zheyi family life, their own fear can not find a suitable project, so suitable for college students’ entrepreneurial ideas what to have, most students receive formal education for social contact new things, let’s take a look at what the idea for college students.

12 rich project hundred small college entrepreneurship project


children photographyThe focus is

guzheng training

in the national instrument, the guzheng is the most popular musical instruments, some just a few people love, and is suitable for the majority of people zheng. In recent years, guzheng education in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and even the children’s palace and so on, is currently the most popular art class. For college students’ entrepreneurial ideas not only students, many white-collar workers are now learning to play the guzheng in addition to love, love the music, they found that playing the zither can relieve the pressure, edify sentiment, improve the quality and accomplishment, and even change people’s temperament.

family small table

"small family table" is a market, is the main reason so few aspects: home and school distance, go home at noon is not convenient; no school cafeteria or dining room is too small to work; some parents don’t have time to cook. Suitable for college students entrepreneurial ideas the project investment is small, the target customer base is relatively stable, from the perspective of cost analysis, input and output accounting is simple, easy to control.

automotive beauty shop decoration

with the car quantity increasing, as long as to improve service quality, careful management will be developed. But at the same time in Yangzhou competition will be more intense. Expert >

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