China has a good time to start a business

is also a venture, however, different time periods, entrepreneurship will be in a different environment. In the current era, China will undoubtedly have a very good business environment, a variety of preferential policies have been put forward, but more importantly, the return of the venture is amazing. In summary, China has a good time to start a business, it is worth more investors embarked on the entrepreneurial path.

days ago, WRSA overseas venture alliance "was successfully held in New York Columbia University School of business Uris Hall overseas investor and venture in New York will meet activities. WRSA overseas venture capital alliance founding chairman, ChinaEquity Capital Group Chairman Wang Chaoyong: "now is the site of returnees to the best time" keynote speech.

believes that entrepreneurs should make full use of the resources of professional investment institutions, and in the moment, to find the right capital, much easier than ten years ago. Entrepreneurship is a very risky thing, should not take the relatives and friends of the home, looking for professional venture capital and angel fund".

venture capital and angel fund is willing to pay for entrepreneurs, there are also generous returns. Wang Chaoyong said, "as a venture capitalist, if you in the United States can get 100 times the return, absolutely can go sideways in Wall Street, but in China thousands of times even million times the return is possible".

Japan’s Softbank group had lost 90% of the market value, but Sun Zhengyi had invested $85 million Alibaba has risen to $70 billion. South Africa’s MIH company in the second round of financing after the Tencent, its return on investment has reached a thousand times.

believes that Chinese companies grow in an extremely large market, and Chinese enterprises in technology and operations more and more have their own advantages, Apple also intends to buy HUAWEI technology resources". In the overall level of entrepreneurship, investment in China’s venture capital companies, the rate of return is very impressive.

at the same time, Wang Chaoyong said, "start to final is down to earth and work hard, at the meeting, Wang Chaoyong has summed up the reform and opening up, the five wave China economic experience, and that overall, overseas business is not very successful. The main reason is that the earth is not enough". I hope returnees more to China gas for a successful venture.

With the arrival of the fifth wave of China’s economy, the knowledge economy, it is now the best time for returnees to start a business, says Mr

. He lamented that when working in Morgan Stanley, when the company filed a Chinese project, its attitude is not to waste time".

and now, almost all of the well-known foreign investment institutions have been established in China branch recommended

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