Agriculture will become the next sunrise industry

China’s major industries are undergoing transformation and upgrading, agriculture is also the case. With the development of new agriculture, the wealth of its business opportunities are excavated, many migrant workers to see new business opportunities, can not help but have a heart, but also want to start making money from the new technology.

from other places to grow vegetables in their hometowns founded agricultural cooperatives, to lead the students to build a vegetable business platform, Nanjing agricultural development limited company marketing director Lu Xiaohua, with the fragrance of the muddy feet, out of a new road of entrepreneurship of migrant workers.

43 year old Lu Xiaohua is Nanjing District, Lishui and phoenix town people. In 1997, he opened the village and set up factories in fertilizer market, to lease farmland vegetables in the suburbs of Wuxi this fellow, become a turning point in his life. 1999, the road to join the Wuxi branch of Agricultural Bank of agriculture and agricultural supply point.

for cooperatives early on track, Lu Xiaohua tube planting, and run sales. "From 2009 to 2011, 3 years I slept only normal people for 1 years". In his lead, cooperatives began to profit in 2010, originally hesitant farmers have joined. Today, cooperatives have 143 members, over 2000 acres of land, with annual sales of $32 million.

with the growing importance of cooperatives, Lu Xiaohua feel talents. Since 2011, cooperatives have introduced 10 college students. These children are good ideas, good ideas, but in the huge family system, not to manage and speak." For college students to take the lead in 2012, Lu Xiaohua persuaded the cooperatives in their own relatives, and help students and members to communicate. When the members of the club have tasted the sweetness of the new technology, the barrier has been solved. "I believe that anyone will believe in the truth." Lu Xiaohua said.

add fresh blood to the Lu Xiaohua "online shopping" this "surprise". "There are express cars every day in the co OP, and college students even buy socks on the internet." With the water network sales peers, Lu Xiaohua realized that "Internet plus vegetables" is a new opportunity for agricultural development.

in college students and brainstorming, Lu Xiaohua decided to build its own electronic business platform and logistics team. But this time, he made a bold decision – his own boss, the opportunity to give up college students.

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