Entrepreneurs how to choose a good project investment

for entrepreneurship, the choice of a good project investment is the key factor to determine whether entrepreneurs can successfully start. Competition is fierce in various industries, want to choose a good project investment or to spend a lot of thought. Entrepreneurs should consider in many ways, only a comprehensive consideration is likely to choose a good investment projects.

light rather than heavy

heavy industry is the foundation of national economy, the development of light industry is leading. Heavy industry investment cycle is long, slow recovery, the general is not the field of private capital competition, but the dominance of state-owned enterprises. Whether it is production and processing, or circulation of trade, operating light industrial products, especially consumer goods, the risk is small, the investment intensity, the difficulty is small, easy to take effect in the short term, it is particularly suitable for private capital.

"" do "is better than the male female

all social purchasing power is in the hands of the hands of a woman over 70%. Women are not only in charge of the financial power of most Chinese families, but also a considerable portion of goods are directly consumed by women. High fashion, shoes and hats, precious jewelry, cosmetics, no woman is not the world. So, if you invest in consumer goods, whether it is production or sales, you will be directed to a woman, you will find more opportunities.

adults than children

children represent the future, the only child has become a unique cultural phenomenon in Chinese, so China children’s consumer goods market is very unique. A large part of the retail food and consumer goods market. Children’s consumer goods market flexibility, strong purchasing power, coupled with the impact of advertising, emotion, environment, to invest in this market is a viable choice. In particular, to see, in our country, to meet the needs of children, to a large extent, is to meet the needs of their parents.

as a comprehensive professional

variety, the public trading, this is generally the mindset of investors. Large and small, and all of the business, is planned economy in the upper and lower recognition model. The market economy is a comprehensive development, but this is more of a macro situation and the overall pattern, often rely on the microscopic field of professional success. Professional production and circulation is easy to form the technical and market characteristics of the bulk business, manufacturers have a competitive environment, the user has a greater choice.


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