Convenience store business district investigation how to do

in the end where suitable for shop, in fact, we need to conduct professional analysis, but also need to do the relevant investigation, so as to be able to know where the real shop operation. For the current number of entrepreneurs, the business district investigation but do not know how to carry out. Then, the convenience store business district survey how to do? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

convenience store business district is generally divided into community shopping, office area, School District, tourism, shopping district, etc.. Customer level is divided into office family, with the young, the students, the elderly, etc.. For different business district and the customer level, the focus of the corresponding commodity, the composition of the sales ratio is also different.

first of all to understand their shopping district.

such as open a business district convenience store. First of all, to understand the office where the shop floor, the number of the whole building, as well as the number of office buildings around, the number of. In the vicinity of the shop to do passenger flow analysis, each time there are many people passing by the shop door, the number of visitors a day. And to analyze the customer level, the office area is generally 20-40 years of age, mainly young white-collar workers, spending power is relatively strong. The most difficult problem for all white-collar workers is to eat at noon. Before noon to discuss what to eat at noon. So fresh food category is the focus of the business district to the corresponding.

to understand the competitive structure of the surrounding shops.

observation of the peak period of competition in the shops are selling what goods, about the peak time to sell a number of. Office area is generally concentrated in the early afternoon two peaks. In the morning, white-collar workers are eager to go to work time are very busy, into the convenience store to buy breakfast very few can wait to do now, is to choose some not need to be processed, directly to eat goods. Such as steamed stuffed buns, such as the fire. The purpose is very strong. Because it is also based on the number of visitors during the peak period, ready to sell goods in advance to prepare to avoid the loss of opportunity, the loss of customers.

at the convenience store in the afternoon are generally based on the lunch box, with some salad and yogurt fruit. And after the afternoon peak is the opportunity to buy white collars to kill time. For example, the acute commodity band aid, mobile phone data cable, umbrellas, etc. are to be prepared for inventory, to prepare customers for a rainy day. For example, one day a sudden heavy rain, some people will certainly not take an umbrella, in particular, are coming back from work, white-collar workers will go to the convenience store or supermarket to buy an umbrella.

the price of an umbrella in general 10-30 yuan range, do this should correspond to acute commodity, the day’s sales can improve at least 300-700 yuan! And under heavy rain, the office will not choose to go out at noon, will choose the nearest downstairs to eat. So the order must be ahead of the weather forecast, according to different weather >

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