Do not spend money to share a few business cases

a lot of people may have thought, if you do not need to spend money, there is no risk, then it is sure that everyone will be entrepreneurs. The implication is that entrepreneurship is certainly need to spend money. Is this really the case? Here to share a few do not spend money business case.

by the shop goods, for their own money.

summary: people shop shop is dead, can not move. Moving, are customers, why can’t we be their legs, so that their products to reach the place? After walking on the street shopping, see you are more interested in the shop, you can think about their products can be added to your legs, to reach the place where consumers gather.

a man graduated from high school and went to work, think it is not interesting, then pondering what to do. Once he went to the market to buy food he found inspiration. He found that the price of potatoes actually 2 yuan a pound, and fried out to eat when the taste is not very good.

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