Convenience stores to join the investment needs to follow the three principles

small convenience store, to join the investment in fact still need a lot of the process, how can the small convenience store to carry forward, it is necessary to follow the following three principles.

A, select the best location of


the decision to invest in convenience stores, need to spend some time and effort to compare all the convenience store company launched a franchise policy. Although the brand effect needs to be considered, but the choice of the most suitable for their joining policy for the franchisee, more important.

No matter who had joined the

A Case: a year to recover the investment

end point

payback period: 1 years

: join the franchise

from franchise literal view, nature is a prominent "principal". Said the form of Kentucky Fried Chicken with the form of some of the same, the first store operators mature, and then to the franchisee to join.

Mr. Chen, who was laid off after

1998, began working as a store manager in a convenience store and joined the convenience store 2 years later in August 2000. In his words is a heartfelt sigh: "I did not think it would give me a chance to start their own businesses, and can do so well. The initial investment is 110 thousand yuan in cash, including 50 thousand yuan of goods 120 thousand yuan deposit and the depreciation in 40% deferred assets, fixed assets, because at that time the company of laid-off workers preferential policies, so the remaining 60% is 72 thousand yuan is paid over 2 years.

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