This shop should pay attention to the environment name card

operating a shop needs to pay attention to what factors, different operators may have different understanding. And I very much agree with the idea of "operating well, the environment is very important," in my shop for so many years, I have been very concerned about the sanitation and cleanliness of the operating environment. Because a good environment, is a business card of your shop, but also a silent and tangible advertising. In the business environment, you can not just focus on the store environment, in fact, the shop is equally important, this is the first impression to the customer.

many of our retail customers in order to save the store where many of the stacking of goods in the shop, not because of good management, the goods get out of order, sometimes also blocked the customer to store the line of sight, the customer can not see the store of goods, will not arouse their desire to buy, so in this case. Next, you will also miss the many sales opportunities.

at the same time, store stacking appear messy, so customers will also cast doubt on the commodity and the manager’s attitude. In the shop front, we strive to do simple and clean, not garish, in this way, not only will make some customers heart resentment and loss of a lot of opportunities. At the same time, these insignificant things can also attract the attention of customers in the past, thus weakening their shopping psychology.

is piling up goods in the shop outside, not too much, and strive to do less, put in order, at the same time, to leave the tunnel, which is convenient for the customers to take or import goods, can bring inconvenience to customers walking. Secondly, the pile of goods should not be too high, preferably below eighty cm, so that customers will not be blocked on the road line of sight.

who would believe that a store that has a large number of grocery stores outside the shop will be sold with high quality goods? So, in fact, the environment for the development of a store will have a different general impact. The ordered goods, clean store, you can leave a deep impression on customers, thereby increasing the probability of their purchase and return". Therefore, if you run a shop, you also need to pay attention to environmental factors oh.

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