Shop management how to reduce the cost of human resources management

want to open a shop, we need to consider what factors? Reduce costs and from what aspects? Shop operating costs, nothing more than the cost of human, financial, material. People are the wages, benefits and so on; the cost of working capital is the money; the final cost is the cost of the inventory of goods. Shop operating costs, mainly composed of the three elements.

in the process of operating a shop, only to maximize the three elements invigorated, in order to achieve the purpose of effectively reducing costs. Of course, the human factor is in the first place. Because people rely on the sale of goods, people rely on funds to revitalize. Therefore, in the process of operating a shop, to maximize the potential of the people, in order to make the other two factors effectively move up, reduce costs.

many of our retail customers, in the management of employees, did not recognize this, resulting in a waste of human resources, increased costs.

for the management of employees, we retail customers to give up that kind of family management model, the attitude of the parents to treat employees, take more orders, and less to take an effective incentive mechanism. The incentive mechanism for employees can be divided into two kinds: one is the benefit incentive. That is to say, sales or sales directly linked to wages or incentives to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees.

now some shops for employees will always have strict requirements, but do not know how to motivate. You know, have no incentive to employees, would never be a good staff, good staff; second is the employee’s birthday or family events, timely send you the most sincere greetings, human will become the work motivation of employees. Do not care about the money, the higher the income of employees, the most loyal to you, as a manager you are the final winner.

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