South Korean cuisine Shouyuan brand

in China catering market there are many distinctive catering franchise brand, take our love are Korean cuisine, Korean Shouyuan Korean cuisine is a good brand, how, Xiaobian to look at it together!

Han Shouyuan Korean cuisine project

Han Shouyuan Korean cuisine is a combination of South Korea and Chinese its culture and the perfect Korean restaurant, located in Jianguomen Avenue No. 18 Wah Century Towers 110 room, elegant and comfortable environment, convenient transportation, is a good place for your friends and family leisure. Korean food is known as "cool flute, backbone beauty" beauty. Has always been known for refreshing pleasant taste, which is the most famous barbecue. Our strict control of raw materials procurement channels, the use of pure, high quality, fresh raw materials to ensure the quality of each dish. Han Shouyuan not only adhering to the authentic Korean barbecue essence, while incorporating the latest fashion elements, interpretation of the perfect diet trend, so that Han Shouyuan is of exotic and unique charm.

shop to do business, the choice of location is very important, we must ensure that the store has a certain degree of competitiveness in the local. The venture investment is a kind of mutually beneficial partnership, so as to prevent fraud in the contract must do things carelessly, cooperation, rights and obligations of both sides have the advantage of discernment, choose a store.

Han Shouyuan Korean headquarters to provide free home site selection and evaluation for franchisees, unified decoration, unified equipment procurement and installation, unified supply of raw materials. Comprehensive professional training system, powerful Zhiyingdian practice platform, to assist business, continuing operations guidance; scientific accounting system, management of the advanced product development, a variety of advertising support, professional support.

Han Shouyuan Korean join advantage

1, the applicant through the marketing center consulting affiliate program, to understand the company’s franchisee requirements, standards and conditions.

2, the applicant ID copy of the applicant to provide proof of financial strength;

3, the marketing center to review and sign the opinion, agreed to the company in accordance with the unified provisions within seven working days to answer whether to agree to join.

4, the company issued a variety of certification license, commissioned by the brand management.

The above is the simple introduction of the

Shouyuan Han Korean cuisine to join the brand, if you want to know more, you can choose to leave us a message on the website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, you can provide more to join the brand, for your reference.

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