How much is eight bowl jiamengfei

21 century is different from the era of China’s reform and opening up, as long as you are graduating from college students must have iron rice bowl waiting for you, the employment situation can be seen, now what may be missing, but no shortage of College students. In the face of the employment situation is so grim today, many college students have a kind of forced beam on the momentum of entrepreneurship into a road they have to choose. Of course, humans are often able to in this is it snatched from the jaws of death, not only some results, many college students are getting a good return. Of course, many people are willing to choose in the early stages of the food and beverage industry, which seems to be a springboard for them to help them. If you want to take the road of entrepreneurship, may wish to choose the catering industry. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a relatively good food and beverage to join the project – eight bowls.

as the Chinese food industry’s leading brands, eight bowl was founded in 1999, since its inception, to quality products and services by the trust of consumers, product for many years has been changed constantly, the original form of the immutable and frozen industry. With the hot market demand, the eight bowls attracted a large number of investors, so far there are hundreds of joined the chain, the reason is inseparable from the huge consumer groups and strong support. Currently, the alliance is still in progress, the market prospects. Perhaps you have long been concerned about the eight bowl brand, has not joined, perhaps you are not enough to understand the eight bowls, but it does not matter, now follow the small series together to learn about the eight large companies and join the cost of it!

how much is the entrance fee? Eight bowl join fee:

join level north of Guangzhou City, the provincial capital city level cities

shop area of 200 square meters with 180 square meters of 160 square meters and 130 square meters

rent costs 60 thousand yuan / month, 36 thousand yuan / month, 25 thousand and 600 yuan / month, 10 thousand and 400 yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meters to 400 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 140 thousand yuan 120 thousand yuan 110 thousand yuan 90 thousand yuan

raw materials 80 thousand yuan 70 thousand yuan 60 thousand yuan 50 thousand yuan

advertising costs 12 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 8000 yuan 7000 yuan

opening costs 8000 yuan 7000 yuan 6000 yuan 5000 yuan

personnel salary 3300 yuan / month / person (10 people) 2800 yuan / month / person (8 people) 2500 yuan / month / person

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