Spend a thousand generations of fish all details ask to join

asked: "spend a thousand generations" and "love fish" two brand

what is the difference?

answer: This is the two of the company’s brand, the same ingredients, taste exactly the same; the difference is "flower" to do shopping malls and large city complex stores, "love fish" main street shops, the management mode and marketing plan is not the same.

: open a such fashion fish shop need more area store? How much investment?

answer: pro, general store in 200–400 square meters is appropriate; according to the size of the store is different, the overall operating capital is generally around 50-100 million.

asked: store staff is their own recruit or company sent


answer: you are in accordance with local standards slightly higher than the local recruitment staff, unified training to the headquarters.

: is our fish easy to learn? What if the cook left?


pro, our fish is according to the process, quantitative operation, easy to learn, can be said to be "fool operation"; the secret formula, the headquarters unified distribution of raw materials to ensure consistent taste at the same time, do not worry about the loss of technology, you can always learn to arrange new training.

spent thousands of generations of fish with its exclusive technology, innovative features has gradually become the most distinctive brand fish, attracting a large number of investors to visit to join, set off a storm of fish community. The process of flower generation fish eclectic Heritage Classic, based on continuously develop their own fine body, improve the strength, is committed to fish culture to every popular delicacy table.

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