Beijing formally issued second nets about vehicle license

about the car to travel to bring convenience, but a lot of times, people are thinking about the safety of the car? By the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission transportation authority and other departments to review, flying taxi get online booking taxi business license. This is the second issue of the city of Beijing, issued by the national of about fifth car platform license.

transportation department, said the about the ability to determine the ability of the vehicle platform has a strict audit process. Access to the license of the company’s online service capabilities can be identified in the national general.

Flying taxi didi

in August 18, 2015 officially launched, has been the use of mobile Internet technology combined with the traditional call 96106 operational management experience, reached a strategic cooperation with Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Haikou and many other rental companies.

second nets about the next car to take pictures, you can bring more security, for the owners, it is guaranteed. It is worth mentioning that this is the first national and traditional taxi dispatching platform based on the upgrade about car platform, the Internet platform is the first one with about cars and parade taxi industry at the same time scheduling. Insiders said that this is the integration of the development of the taxi industry and the Internet industry.

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