Lishui Vocational and technical College will Lei Feng spirit in the end the whole

in many cases, people want to be able to better learn the spirit of Lei Feng, the spirit of the legacy of the Lei Feng. Zhejiang Lishui Vocational and technical College, Lei Feng volunteers for public service enthusiasm continues to rise. The spirit of Lei Feng’s long-term encouragement and encouragement of the masses, especially the young people to contribute to the community and serve the people, effectively enhance the moral quality of our young people, is an indispensable spiritual wealth of China’s social progress and development.

of Lishui Vocational and technical College to carry out long-term "love education" is the theme of educational practice, have a group of students’ moral cultivation, demonstration model, such as "Zhejiang province moral model, Chinese University of the year", "China college self star", "National Excellent League members" honorary title Yang Xiaoli students.

in her vanguard role model, Lishui Vocational and technical College has established a series of Lei Feng project: "Nuanchun" care for children of migrant workers, "love supermarket" to care for poor students, "Xiao Li love transfer station" love the poor masses, "sunshine volunteer alliance" widows and disabled, Guo Mingyi love love united went to the countryside to carry out all kinds of volunteer service.

people from several Lei Feng activists to more than 3000 people’s volunteers from a Lei Feng board to have "spring action", "benevolence supermarket", "Xiao Li love transfer station", "sunshine volunteer alliance" and "love Guo Mingyi united" and other brands of "love from Paradise". The using western "Lei Feng" Lei Feng to settle down in the campus.

Lishui Vocational and technical College adhere to and actively explore the new carrier of normalization of learning Lei Feng activities. So far, the warm spring action has pair of children of migrant workers more than 3 thousand and 500 passengers; love supermarket issued more than 6500 pieces of school supplies; carey cleaning Xiaoli love transfer station inside and outside the province, the difficulties of the masses out of the second-hand clothing more than 60 thousand and 3 pieces; sunshine volunteers in 30 communities of hundreds of families in the disabled family, was identified as the 2011 Lishui municipal government one of the ten things; Guo Mingyi love united volunteer went to the countryside social services more than million.

Lei Feng, the spirit of self sacrifice and let more people feel that the Lishui Vocational and technical College teachers and students to better learn the spirit of Lei Feng, should be encouraged. "Love" is the foundation and core of the spirit of Lei Feng, love paradise and guide students to love the party, love the motherland, love the people, love the community, love angel long-term help special groups feel the core of Lei Feng’s spirit is dedication, dedication is love, it’s a pleasure to help others, the school is not only learning, campus life also, love paradise.

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