Qiao Qiao Zi taste Mini donuts the whole to join to make money

dessert series is a classic dessert dessert items, especially girls love, seems to give people a feeling of love. A doughnut is a dessert made of flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. The shape of the two most common is a hollow ring, or the middle bag into the cream, egg paste (custard) closed sweet fillings. In Asia, donuts are mainly used as snacks, but in the United States, there are many people with a donut as the staple food for breakfast, and even set up a donut day".

Qiao Qiao taste sweet taste of the research and development team consists of a group of senior baking guru, R & D team has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, know each country food ingredients with tips. At the same time the introduction of the United States Qiao Qiao Qiao taste of the arts, the taste of the Chinese people, and constantly improve, summarize, the achievements of today’s sought after Qiao Qiao Qiao Qiao taste sweet circle.

Qiao Qiao Qiao sweet taste of the success of joining

Qiao Qiao Qiao taste Mini donut join business style

1, Ms. Wang 23 year old stall mouth shop average monthly profit of 34 thousand

I like to eat Western style dessert, always thinking of having a dessert shop. Study for a long time, and finally selected Qiao Qiao Zi flavor project, started some concerns, fear too difficult to learn, but the headquarters has promised a one-stop training service, just a few days a professor, let me confidence, after a year of learning, my business is very hot


2, Lee 34 year old potential store monthly average profit of 55 thousand

wife and daughter are like to eat donuts, the city’s dessert shop I have been, Qiao Qiao taste of the taste of the mini donut is their favorite, one day I would also like to open their own. After the introduction of the owner, I found the headquarters, conducted a field trip, after signing, the headquarters of the whole service so that I have no pressure. Soon took back the cost, and now the business of fire!

3, Mr. Wang 43 year old regional agent annual average profit of 950 thousand

I was a civil servant, though the work is stable, but the overall feeling of life in order to regain life dull as ditch water, passion, would like to start my own business, I carey selected a lot of projects, that is, Qiao Qiao Wei Qian Jing, after inspection, headquarters of the strength makes me very relaxed. After the headquarters of the training, and now has a wealth of management experience, no difference between the money is a lot of money to earn!

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